BOTANIST / ボタニスト

植物を当然ながら生き物として見つめる「造園家」井本由之と植物にプロダクトとしての機能を求める「デザイナー」大工真司が異なる視点を活かし活動するユニット「BOTANIST / ボタニスト(植物学者)
多忙な現代人に植物が身近にある暮らしを始めるキッカケとなる商品を目指し開発を続け完成したのが、手間のかからない新しい形のテラリウム「BOTTLE by BOTANIST / ボトル バイ ボタニスト」です。

The unit "BOTANIST / botanist (botanist)" where "designer" who looks at plants naturally as a living being and Yukimoto Imoto and "designer" who seeks a function as a product to plants and activities using different viewpoints and activities
I want to take plants in my life but I have no time to care. Even cactus will wither.
Aiming at a product that will start a life where plants are familiar to busy modern people, we have continued development and completed the new form of terrarium “BOTTLE by BOTANIST / Bottle by Botanist” which does not require time and effort.

ボトル バイ ボタニスト

ガラス瓶内部に存在する水と空気そして降り注ぐ光。これら光合成で作り出される栄養のみで植物が1年以上生き続ける屋内用植物観察装置。それが「ボトル バイ ボタニスト」です。

The water, air and pouring light present inside the glass bottle. An indoor plant observation device in which plants survive for over a year with only nutrients produced by these photosynthesis. That's "BOTTLE by BOTANIST".

ボトル キット バイ ボタニスト

インテリアショップを中心に累計4000個以上を販売してきた「ボトル バイ ボタニスト」はガラス瓶に植物が植えられている繊細な商品の為これまではWEB販売が出来ませんしたが、購入者自身が植物をボトルにセットして完成するキット「ボトルキット バイ ボタニスト」として販売することによりWEB販売が可能となりました。

“BOTTLE by BOTANIST”, which started selling in 2012 and has sold a total of more than 4,000 pieces mainly in the interior shop, has not been able to sell on the web until now because of delicate products in which plants are planted in glass bottles , By selling as a kit “BOTTLE KIT by BOTANIST” that the purchaser sets the plant in the bottle and is completed, it has become possible to sell on the web.

Mechanism /


A cycle in which water that has been purified by photosynthesis is absorbed by oxygen that has been created by photosynthesis, and water that has been released from plants by transpiration is cooled on the glass surface and condensed to form water droplets, which is then absorbed again from the roots. These circulations make up the smallest ecosystem in the glass bottle.

View Point /

造園家とインテリアデザイナーにより生み出されたボトル バイ ボタニストは植物を当然ながら生き物であると考える造園家と、植物にプロダクトとしての機能を求めるデザイナーの相対する視点を共存させることにより今まで製品化されることがなかった新しい形のテラリウムです。

The bottle-by-botanists produced by landscapers and interior designers are so far commercialized by co-existence of a landscaper who thinks plants are naturally living things and the opposite view of designers who want plants to function as products It is a terrarium of a new form that I never had.

Management /

BOTTLE by BOTANIST / ボトル バイ ボタニスト」は日常の手入れ(水やり・日光)を必要とせず、室内照明の光と約1030℃の人が快適に過ごせる室温で生き続けます。

BOTTLE needs neither maintenance nor watering on a  daily basis and keeps growing up in the room environment with light and 1030℃ temperature people can spend comfortably.

Reagent bottle /


Experimental reagent bottles make it possible to observe subtle changes in colors with highly transparent glass. And, as the plants are confined in a bottle, neither insects nor miscellaneous germs are generated and it is sanitary even if  the bottle is placed on a dining table or around the kitchen.

Kinds of plants /


Plants finally selected out of various kinds of plants through experiments confining various plants in a bottle are generally referred to as waterweeds which grow slowly,  taking time even in a closed and high humid environment. Several kinds of strong waterweeds including Anubias barteri var. nana are handled as a lineup.